Sexual Health

  • Would you like to have a more fun, enjoyable and frequent sex life?
  • What challenges do you face as a couple that may hinder intimacy and an enjoyable healthy sexual connection?
  • Do you feel safe, accepted, and cherished in your relationship?

When it comes to the topic of sex, many people feel uncomfortable talking about it.  Sadly, numerous couples enter into a relationship without communicating with one another fundamental insights necessary to build a loving and lasting relationship.

A few of these key insights include:

  • sharing perceptions regarding sex
  • fears, concerns, and desires
  • expectations

Whether you are a couple facing sexual issues due to a major life event or an unknown cause, having a trained professional to talk with can be incredibly helpful in facilitating an environment where you can ask questions, seek out answers, discover alternative solutions, and purposefully move toward an improved relationship with your spouse.  At CFC Counseling, our desire is to help build healthier and stronger relationships.