New Additions


The anticipation of bringing a precious new life into this world can provoke a range of emotions that may frequently fluctuate from excitement and exhilaration to worry/concern and fear.  At The Center for Family & Crisis Counseling, we provide birth counseling, life skills coaching, and parenting skills training for parents-to-be and new parents.

We assist:

  • Teen moms & dads
  • Single moms
  • Single fathers (widow/separated/divorced)
  • Surrogate mothers
  • Mothers/Couples contemplating giving up their child to an adoptive family
  • Couples adopting a newborn(s)
  • Couples fostering a newborn
  • Couples preparing for, celebrating, and/or attempting to cope with the arrival of their newborn(s)

Birth Counseling may include:

  • Exploring expectations- concerns/fears and goals
  • Exploring attachment issues- concerns/fears, family of origin influences, unresolved underlying issues (such as trust and self-esteem)
  • Fostering Pre-Birth Bonding- an important part of pregnancy that fosters the healthy connection between a mother and her baby (can also include fathers)
  • Exploring and developing positive pre and post birth behaviors to reduce stress and anxiety, promote secure attachment, as well as foster healthy and stable relationships where the child/children may develop and thrive successfully.
  • Assisting couples facing the numerous relationship challenges that can erupt when caring for a newborn and functioning on limited sleep.
  • Assisting women facing feelings of dissolution, frustrations associated with lactation issues, learning to adjust to and cope with a newborn with special needs, and post-partum depression.

Life Skills Coaching may include:

  • Assisting a mother, father, or couple with identifying their needs and goals as well as the needs of their child, helping them recognize and navigate potential obstacles (mental, emotional, physical, financial) that could hinder from meeting those needs or achieve desired goals, generate positive life skills and healthy behaviors to cope with stressors, as well as foster the creation of a stable support system to assist with child rearing responsibilities and needs.
  • Stress management for new parents
  • Self-care for stay-at-home moms
  • Life balance for foster parents
  • Life reorganization for empty-nesters taking on the responsibility of raising a grandchild
  • College or business skills prep for teen parents
  • Life and parenting skills for young adults
  • Communication and financial management skills for couples
  • Exploring new life direction with executives leaving companies to pursue alternative careers in order to spend more time with their child/children

Parenting skills training for new parents or parents-to-be may include:

  • Child Development- providing knowledge and insight into developmentally- appropriate physical care (e.g., feeding, diapering); increasing mindfulness when creating a healthy/safe environment (e.g., home safety); identifying typical child development and behavior; learning to foster children’s positive emotional development (e.g., providing a stimulating environment and promoting self-esteem)
  • Positive Interactions with Child- learning the importance of attentiveness and purposefulness in positively interacting with children; generating an array of achievable ideas and skills to promote positive parent-child interactions (e.g., demonstrating attentiveness and enthusiasm, identifying and promoting/following child’s interests)
  • Responsiveness, Sensitivity, and Nurturing Training- Learning how to respond sensitively and attentively to a child’s emotional and psychological needs; providing developmentally appropriate physical contact and affection
  • Emotional Communication- learning and implementing relationship-building communication skills (e.g., active listening); helping children identify and appropriately express emotions
  • Disciplinary Communication- giving clear and developmentally-appropriate directions; setting limits/boundaries and rules, stating behavioral expectations and consequences
  • Discipline and Behavior Management- identifying four behavioral goals for child misbehaviors; exploring beliefs and attitudes towards discipline strategies; monitoring/supervision practices; identifying specific reinforcement and punishing strategies; problem solving misbehaviors; responding and consistency
  • Promoting Children’s Social Skills or Prosocial Behavior- Educating parents on effective ways to teach social skills such as sharing, cooperating, showing respect, using good manners, and getting along with peers, siblings, and adults; secrets vs. surprises; good touch vs. bad touch
  • Promoting Children’s Cognitive or Academic Skills- Educating parents on the various types of learners; assisting parents in identifying the type of learner their child is (e.g., auditory, visual, kinesthetic); teaching parents how to foster children’s language development, literacy, insight, and understanding through experiential and conjoint learning; enhancing a child’s school readiness; using incidental teaching
  • Anger Management and Coping Skills Training- providing 10+ anger management techniques to get one’s anger under control; generating a plethora of coping strategies to diminish stress and elevate mood

At The Center for Family & Crisis counseling, we are devoted to assisting individuals and couples striving to help their child/children successfully develop and thrive.