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The Center for Family & Crisis Counseling provides counseling and coaching services to those:

  • Contemplating adoption
  • Journeying through the adoption process
  • Whom have adopted
  • Whom have been adopted

When working with couples contemplating or preparing for adoption, we utilize the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment to help:

  • Prepare Couples – The pre-adoption content is specifically designed to identify unrealistic expectations about adoption and create opportunities for healthy dialogue as couples prepare to bring an adopted child into their family system.
  • Save Time – The PREPARE/ENRICH Inventory gathers, organizes, and analyzes a great deal of data in an efficient and proven manner.  The average adult completes the inventory online in approximately 30-45 minutes.
  • Gather Objective Information – The items and scales in the inventory are statistically valid and reliable.  Percentage scores are based on comparisons with a norm group of over 50,000 couples.  In other words, facilitators can trust the results they receive.
  • Identify Relationship Strengths and Issues – The inventory is often a very positive experience for couples as it is designed to identify relationship strengths.  Since both partners answer the same questions independent of one another, the facilitator can also pick up on discrepancies or differences of opinion which might not emerge in a typical interview process.

We utilize the three new scales developed for couples preparing to adopt.  These include:

  1. Adoption Considerations looks at a range of pre-adoptive issues that adoption specialists report as being important for couples to be aware of and discuss.  It measures a couple’s readiness and commitment to the adoption process.
  2. Adoption Expectations measures how realistic and aware each individual is about and natural challenges faced by couples and families throughout the adoption process.
  3. Adoptive Parenting measures agreement on issues related to adopting and parenting a child, while concurrently maintaining a vibrant couple relationship.

Whether you have chosen to adopt domestically (in the U.S.) or internationally (from another country) utilizing a local public agency (such as adopting through the foster care system), a licensed private agency, or an independent adoption, The Center for Family & Crisis Counseling is here to assist you and your family.  Just as each and every child is unique, every adoption case has its own unique set of challenges.

The Center for Family & Crisis Counseling assists couples working through pre and post adoption challenges by:

  • Exploring concerns, expectations, and goals
  • Highlighting the various strengths and resiliencies they have to support their child/children
  • Discovering any potentially unrealistic expectations or unresolved underlying core issues leading to the generation or perpetuation of generating additional issues
  • Identifying core issues and unresolved underlying conflict that may jeopardize the stability of the relationship
  • Recognizing and assisting in improving skills (such as communication and parenting skills) to improve the health and stability of the family unit
  • Developing realistic expectations regarding one another and generating alternative approaches to challenges being faced, creating strategies to promote unity within then help your child/children thrive, and work towards improving skills that will foster increased unity and within the family unit.

Frequently, individuals and couples seek counseling to help create and maintain a loving, stable, and nurturing home environment.  This is true for those who have answered the ‘call’ of adoption.  Unfortunately, it is also commonly reported to us that seeking help can feel extremely humbling, be incredibly emotionally challenging, and take an immense amount of courage for individuals (especially adoptive mothers) and couples attempting to deal with feelings of:

  • Frustration and guilt regarding their difficulty or inability to bond with their adoptive child
  • Remorse and regret regarding the negative impact the adoption has had upon their relationship(s),
  • Anxiety, depression, and/or overwhelm as they care for the special needs of their adoptive child

 Depending upon the circumstances leading up to and surrounding the adoption, as well as the age of the child when adopted, individuals/couples who choose to adopt face a broad spectrum of potential uncertainties, challenges, and blessings.  Adoptive children often have histories of abuse, abandonment, and neglect.  Many suffer from a complex series of issues such as:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Attachment difficulties
  • Trust issues
  • Low self-esteem
  • Challenging behaviors
  • Medical Issues
  • Special needs (physical, emotional, mental health)

Whether you are an individual or couple contemplating adoption, preparing for the adventure of discovering your child, traversing the seemingly arduous and exciting journey through the adoption process, or have completed the adoption process, The Center for Family & Crisis Counseling is here to assist you.  Our goals are to provide you with hope as you discover and identify challenges, help as you face and work towards overcoming those challenges, and healing as you resiliently move forward.