New Additions


New Additions

The anticipation of a new member being added to the family can generate a wide range of emotions.  Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the new child, and one’s keen awareness of potential challenges ahead, levels of excitement and anxiety may fluctuate on a daily basis.

Although excitement may seem palpable as physical preparations are made, concerns regarding the uncharted waters ahead may also exist.

Attachment of a child to their parent/caregiver is key.  Whether you are:

  • preparing for the birth of your first child,
  • adopting a child, or
  • preparing to become foster parents,

providing a safe and loving home for the child is of primary importance.

The Center for Family & Crisis counseling works closely with healthy couples preparing for these transitions.  We utilize the customized pre-adoption PREPARE/ENRICH assessment when working with couples contemplating &/or going through the adoption process.  Likewise, we assist couples journeying through the process of having home studies conducted and preparing for domestic and international adoptions.