Marital Issues


No one enters a marriage hoping or expecting it will end in failure.  All couples say their vows expecting that their marriage will be one of the ones to survive.

However, according to the US Census Bureau, 41% of first time marriages will end in divorce.  The average marriage length is eight years and the average age people divorce for the first time is 30.

Additionally, the bureau reported that if American’s will remarry, they wait on average three years before doing so.  However, the statistics for do-over marriages are not as hopeful as one would hope.  Instead of entering a second marriage confident that a better choice has been made, that they are equipped to weather the storms of marriage, those remarrying are statistically doomed for additional failure.  According to the report, the failure rate of second marriages is 60% and even worse, 73% for those entering their third marriage.

Overall there are nearly 5 divorces per minute in this country.  While these stats are startling, they reflect one sobering fact…if you are dealing with the struggles of divorce, you are not alone.

If you are facing the specter of divorce and are seeking ways to avoid it, shield your children from its devastating ramifications, or heal from the pain this is causing you, the Center for Family & Crisis Counseling can help.