Pre-Marital Counseling

Preparing for the marriage ceremony can be one of the most exciting and seemingly arduous times of one’s life. The anticipation of publicly professing the commitment you have to one another can generate a range of emotions from exhilaration to anxiety.

However, regardless of where the ceremony takes place or how many people attend, laying a solid foundation upon which the relationship can be sustained and built upon is critical.

Unfortunately, many couples do not realize the destructiveness of communication issues as well as the frequency unmet expectations lead to the demise of even the most seemingly solid relationships.

Respect, trust, and love are three of the fundamental components every healthy relationship must possess at its core. Upon these, intimate connection within the relationship can be strengthened, greater levels of openness, transparency, and vulnerability can be achieved, and the relational walls of security can be fortified to endure the various seasons of transition as well as life’s storms of adversity.

CFC Counseling utilizes the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment to assist couples preparing for marriage. Likewise, additional educational materials are utilized to build healthy communication skills, identify love languages & one another’s core needs, and foster individual growth as well as promote unity.