The Center for Family & Crisis Counseling

A place to find hope, help, and healing.


Every family encounters challenges. Remaining unified, supportive of one another, and attentive to each other’s needs in tough times can be extremely difficult. However, the failure to maintain these critical areas can be devastating to the family unit and its long-term survival.

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Is your child hurting?  As a parent, one of the most devastating and frustrating things is the awareness your child is hurting or struggling and not knowing how to help them.  We long to stop their pain, ease their frustrations, help them overcome the challenges they face, generate hope…

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One of the most frequently asked questions regarding couples counseling is if it’s only for couples in crisis. The answer is simply, NO! Couples counseling is an asset available for individuals in a committed relationship desiring to work through a vast array of…

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Each of us has times in our lives when we need someone to come along side us and help us through a difficult time.  However, withdrawing rather than reaching out, may seem like the easier and/or the more appealing option.  Unfortunately, this often leads to increasing issues such as…

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Whether you are a couple contemplating a lifetime commitment to one another, a family attempting to unite and overcome challenges, a parent facing adversities you never anticipated, or an individual striving to prevail over a personal battle, The Center for Family & Crisis Counseling is a place to find hope, help, and healing.